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Dinamika Centre offers psychotherapy, counseling and psychiatric consultations. The team of the Centre consists of professionals specialized in a variety of therapeutic approaches. The name of the centre originates from an extensive reliance on the psychodynamic approach. The team of the centre also provides training and supervision to other professionals. The training programs are therapeutically oriented and draw heavily from the team’s experience.

Dinamika Centre was established in 1995 by a group of psychologists and psychiatrists with the main objective to provide psychotherapeutic and psychosocial services. From 2001 it is registered under the Law of Medical Establishments as a psychiatric practice. This legal status provides a clear framework for the activities of the Centre, which are directed towards the achievement of mental wellbeing for our clients (individuals and families). Despite the change of the legal status of the Centre, its overall orientation continued to be psychotherapeutic.

Teamwork is a core feature of Dinamika Centre. Teamwork ensures the maintenance of high quality services coupled with a better consideration of the individual needs of our clients. This approach allows a combination of different therapeutic approaches while maintaining clear professional standards and procedures.

The Centre collaborates with a wide network of services and professionals (psychologists, general practitioners, psychiatrists, school counselors, etc.)


The mission of the Centre is:

  To promote the mental and emotional wellbeing of our clients;

  To contribute to the development and sustaining of the standards for good therapeutic practice;

  To raise and enrich the qualification of the workers in the helping professions through educational activities.


How does psychotherapy help?

Psychotherapy and psychological counseling create opportunities for positive change and personal growth of individuals, which is achieved by:

*       gaining better knowledge and understanding of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors;

*       developing alternative behavioral models.

This can be attained within a working alliance of therapist and client. Alliance that is directed towards the achievement of the client’s goals. During the process of psychotherapy, the client is offered time, space, and personal engagement from the therapist. These conditions allow the client to explore the problem and to find his/her own way for change and development.

In each case Dinamika Centre offers a therapeutic plan tailored to the individual needs of the client. The plan is elaborated by taking into consideration the nature of the presented problem, the specific life circumstances and the preferences of the client. All aspects of the individual plan are negotiated with the client.

The services in Dinamika Centre are strictly confidential.

The services offered at the Centre are based on current internationally approved methods for dealing with emotional problems and suffering and are in accordance with the national and international professional psychotherapeutic standards.


The first step

This is the phone call. During your call you could receive more information about the Centre and make an appointment for the first visit.

During the first visit, you will have the opportunity to discuss the problems and the possibilities for further work.

At the first visit you will meet with a therapist from the Centre whose task is to make an assessment of your problem and current situation. Usually assessment takes one visit but sometimes two are necessary. Each assessment interview lasts about 50 minutes (75 minutes for a couple or family session). The interview is centered on the reasons for the visit, the nature of the problem as well as the possible ways for its solving. At the end of the assessment a therapeutic plan is agreed upon and you are referred to a therapist from the team who is most apt for the subsequent work.

On some occasions, the work on the problem is limited to the consultation received during the first visit or two.



What do we offer?

  Individual psychotherapy – the main approaches used by the professionals at Dinamika Centre are: psychoanalytic psychotherapy, systemic work with an individual, cognitive therapy, and guided by music imagery. The duration of the therapy varies from several sessions to long-term psychotherapy. The usual frequency of the sessions is one or two per week.

  Psychological counseling – therapeutic work that enables decision making in life difficulties.

  Family and marital therapy – for families and couples (parental, marital, partners) that face difficulties in their relationships or that are in a period of life transition.

  Counseling for children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral and/or learning difficulties. It is usually accompanied by parents’ counseling.

  Treatment with medications – in some cases overcoming the problem needs to be supported by alleviating the suffering through medication treatment. All its aspects are discussed extensively between psychiatrist and patient.

  Group psychotherapy – the therapeutic group consists of 6 – 12 persons who gather once or twice per week. The group members – facilitated by the therapist – discuss their personal experiences, problems, and difficulties. Exploration of group members’ interactions is one of the primary tasks of the group therapy.



Quality maintenance

The work at Dinamika Centre is guided by the belief that provision of optimal help needs consistent maintenance of high professional standards. This is achieved through:

   The procedures of the Centre that include regular team meetings and case conferences;

   Continuing education of the team members;

   Development of training and research projects in the field of mental health care;

   Networking with other professionals and services.



Who are our clients?

Our clients are those who are in a period of crisis and who are not satisfied with:

*   their relationships with partners, relatives, friends, and colleagues;

*   their professional achievements;

*   their intimate life.

The warning signs of dissatisfaction and suffering could be:

*   changes in mood and emotions (depressed mood, anxiety, irritability);

*   bodily symptoms (headache, palpitations, dizziness, stomach upset);

*   maladaptive behaviors (disturbances of eating habits, drug dependence).

Our clients are also those who want to understand better their emotional lives and thus to achieve personal growth and development.


The team:

Dimitar Hadjov – clinical social worker, psychotherapist

Elena Tsvetkova – psychologist, psychotherapist

Hristiana Simeonova – clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

Kimon Ganev, MD, PhD – psychiatrist, psychotherapist

Stanislava Kutinska – psychologist, counselor

Valentina Milcheva – clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

Vesselina Ganeva – psychologist, counselor

Vesselka Hristova, MD – psychiatrist, psychotherapist

Therapists working in English are: Kimon Ganev, Vesselka Hristova, Valentina Milcheva, Dimitar Hadjov, Vesselina Ganeva and Stanislava Kutinska.

Clinical director – Kimon Ganev, MD, PhD


For contact:

Address: Sofia 1505; 22 Murphy Street (see map)

Tel: 02 943 11 02

For an appointment you can call each working day from 9 am to 12 am and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

The fee for the first visit when conducted in a foreign language is 65-75 leva for an individual session and 80-90 leva for a couple or family session. The fee for the subsequent visits is lower than the initial assessment. It depends upon the regularity of the sessions, the type of therapy and the choice of the therapist. During the initial assessment you will have the opportunity to discuss the various options for therapy. In negotiating further work the needs and personal circumstances of the clients are taken into consideration.


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